September 28, 2014

Skating+ St.George+ Tacos+ Tours

 Skate or Die!

Every Tuesday night in Logan is skate night! I went for the first time with a bunch of my friends this last week, and it was so much fun! It was my first time skating. To say that I was terrible would be an understatement, but it didn't even matter! I loved it! Four of my friends lied down in the middle of the rink, while these guys did flips over them. It was so sick! 
Someday I aspire to be as skilled as Sawyer, but for now I can barely move around the rink without someone holding my hand and pulling me! Embarrassing. Guys I promise by the end of the year I'm going to get better! I'll be a regular at skate night from now on.

P.S. Thanks to Baylee we got some epic footage of 80's skating (including a giant train wreck thanks to yours truly), so be looking for a video coming soon! 

Taco Tuesday!

Tuesdays in Logan really are the best. Aside from disco skating, it is also TACO TUESDAY! Yep, life is complete. My awesome ambassador mentor, Sam Metz, AKA "Alphalord", took us to Rita's to get some delish tacos. They were so good and way cheap! I will definitely be going back!

Braxton thinks he's a model. 

Polo's everywhere. Gotta love my ambassador family!

Last week I got to go home for the first time in a month!! It was so fun, but I'm not going to lie I actually didn't even want to go. I know that sounds so awful. I love my family and everything, but I just didn't want to leave Logan! It's so much fun here! Anyways, I gave presentations for college day at all the high schools in the St. George Area! S/O to all the cool kids that I met! It was so fun to talk to the high school students about how much I love USU and get them pumped for college! I also got to see my friends from my high school executive council, and now we are all ambassadors! 
SUU, USU and Snow College represent!

 On Saturday Alphalord got married! The reception was stunning! Congrats Sam and Lindsay!

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