September 8, 2014

Top 3 Things I LOVE About Aggie Football Games!

 There's obviously a million reasons why I love college football...I mean, what's not to love?! Where else do you get intense rivalries pummeling each other in an organized setting, while thousands of crazed fans cheer them on? It's one of the greatest things on this earth! As an Aggie, I've discovered three things I love most about being in OUR stadium, with OUR fans, watching OUR team dominate the gridiron.

1. Our Cheers - You'd think after three years of going to almost every home game the magic of our student body chants would have worn off...nope. Every time we stand up and scream "I believe" those goosebumps just come right back. It might be how perfectly in sync our voices are, or maybe how loud those bleachers get as we start jumping up and down, but there's definitely something spiritual about those moments. I could sing the Scotsman in my sleep...and to be honest...I probably do.

2. The Cannon - As if it isn't already exciting enough when we score, some brilliant individual decided to add a canon shot after every one of our touchdowns. Remind me to thank that person if I ever meet them. Talk about the icing on the cake! There's an incredible play, followed by the eruption of the crowd, and it's all topped off with a beautiful cannon blast. You could be in the farthest corner of the stadium bathroom stall, and thanks to the explosion, you'd still know your Aggies just scored.

3. Agreeing to Disagree - I feel like most college fans do this, but if they ranked universities in this category...we'd be #1. Whenever a flag is thrown against our team, it doesn't matter if it's the most indisputable call in the world, you'd better believe every Aggie in that stadium is going to make their displeasure known. I didn't think it was possible for booing to sound so synchronized, but our fans pull it off. We definitely have some of the kindest people in our bleachers, but when it comes to yellow flags being thrown in our general direction, we tend to take it personal.

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