September 8, 2014

Aggie Blue and Ambassador Retreat HOLLA!

Dance-offs, motivational speakers, new friends, luaus, thumb-wars, cabins, and rad people everywhere. I went to Aggie Blue the week before school started. If you don't know what that is no worries I will explain, and if you do we should be friends because you are obviously way cool. So Aggie Blue is a leadership camp that is mostly for freshmen, but anyone can come! It's the week before school starts, which is perfect. I loved it because it was a great way to make tons of friends and feel comfortable with campus, before school even started! I would HIGHLY recommend that all incoming freshmen go! Do it.
Big Blue we love you! 


So after a delicious Luau dinner at Willow Park, my ambassador friends and I left for our retreat which just happened to be at BEAR LAKE AKA: the most beautiful place on earth! This was my first time at Bear Lake, and I fell in love with it. We played one too many rounds of what are the odds, and had some sick dance battles. We stayed in a gorgeous cabin and it was the bomb. I can not believe how lucky I am to know such amazing people!

The reactions in this picture are priceless.

Two in the morning with my favorite tribal warriors.
Props to Siera for putting up with me/sharing a tiny bed with me. I am extremely sorry for that one time when I kicked you in the face... ya that happened ahh.

Watching skits on the lawn. Braxton definitely pulls off the eyeliner beard don't ya think? I love my friends. Such a great week!

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