September 10, 2014

Why I Live In Logan Wednesday

Alright the title's a stretch but other people use the days of the week way worst so haters back off.

Anyways! I thought I would take a post and talk about how amazing it is to live in Logan.

Coming from South Jordan U.T. where Salt Lake City, where something is always going on, I was way hesitant when I decided to come to USU and live in Logan which was supposedly a small town with almost nothing to do, but it turns out that there is a lot more to it than I thought!

Over the Freeway and Through the Canyon...

and you've basically made it to Logan. At first, driving to Logan was like the journey that would never end but now it really does feel like twenty minutes! It's funny because people come from all over the place to Logan, (USU has students that are from all 50 states!) and some of them can't go home all the time because of time or location so I feel pretty lucky to be able to go to a school that is far away from home but still close enough to go visit whenever I get sick of PB&J's sandwiches for dinner.
Now this picture isn't my own (I know, shame on me) BUT it is a great representation of what Sardine Canyon looks like during the fall which is the BEST time to come up to Logan (especially if you are coming to Logan to do a campus tour!). 

When you get to Logan, it is going to have that small town feel to it but this is a small COLLEGE town which means when school is in session, so is the city. 

I could go hours about Logan but I think pictures would probably be a lot more entertaining!

Main Street On Monday

Ok, this is a bit of a throwback! This was my freshman year of college! The first week, which is devoted to USU freshman, is called the Week of Welcome! During the Week of Welcome, they have an event called Taste of Logan where freshman can go around the main street of Logan and explore what the city has to offer! All of the shops and stores have booths and tables displaying what they sell and how they can help you out during the school year!

You usually get some really nice coupons and "swag" during this day so definitely take your roomies and go to this event!

Tacos On Tuesday (AKA, the best day of my life) 

For all of those "There is no place like home" homies out there, I am here to tell you that Logan has that familiar feel to it too! Late-night trips to Mcdonalds with the friends? Logan has it. Group bowing date with the bae's? Logan has it (at the Fun Park)! $1.50 tacos every Tuesday at Cafe Rio? LOGAN HAS THAT TOO! I seriously can't recall a time that I haven't enjoyed the sweet, tangy, mouth-watering, amazingness that is a sweet pork taco with the friends on a Tuesday evening. Most Aggies would agree with me that Cafe Rio is bumpin on a Tuesday night. 

I will deny it if someone asks but I heard that some people call and make the order ahead of time to avoid the rush. Just saying.

There is a ton more to offer in Logan. I really only showed a solid 5% of Logan has to offer you here. A college is only as great as the college town and we have a great college so that must mean the town is pretty amazing as well.

I really hope you come up here and explore the university and then come clean the sink with me at Angies (video coming soon) or get a taco with me on a Tuesday.

Either way, you are going to love it.

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