September 14, 2014

No Aurora, But StIll A Great Show!

The big news of the week was the epic Aurora Borealis that was planned for Friday night. It's a sight that, in this case, could only be seen in certain parts of northern North America. Incredible enough, Logan was just within viewing distance! So obviously, everyone was jacked!

We spent about an hour looking for the PERFECT spot with JUST ENOUGH open sky. We looked....and we looked.....and then we looked some more. I don't know which scientist drew the Aurora boundary lines, but they may have been a little generous when rounding off the bottom end. The only big light I saw was from the flash when we took this picture. But hey, when you're surrounded by beautiful Utah State people you could care less about a fancy light show. One thing to remember about us Aggies: When things don't go as planned, we improvise. With plenty of warm bodies to go around, we managed to turn an Aurora no-show into the cuddle of the century. The northern lights might only be seen every several years, but a cuddle that good only occurs every century. So TAKE THAT Mr. Borealis!

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