September 3, 2014

Here's To Us (Aggies)

Well, here we are, another year here at Utah State University!

For all of those who live in the Salt Lake City area, you know how much fun you can have in just three months; hiking, Twilight Concert Series, art festivals, boating, shopping for new clothes (my favorite part), etc. For college students, a summer job is always a part of the summer package but you can always squeeze in some fun between the arduous hours of summer sales, retail, snow cone shacks, etc, etc.

It is crazy how different a summer as a college student is to a summer as a high school student. Although, high school was awesome (Bingham Miners represent!), nothing compares to the excitement I felt when school started again here at USU.

I think the great thing about USU is that they start off with the fun right off the bat. The Utah State University Student Association, essentially our student government here on campus, plans the first week of school to be an amazing one. Already we have had a concert, a movie night, and Day On The Quad which is where all of the clubs and organizations on campus (and some off) come and students are able to go and see what Utah State has to offer outside of the classroom.

Being my third year on this campus, I am beginning to realize that college is probably the best thing that can ever happen to a person. You learn so many lessons all the time and you learn more and more about yourself every day. College is not just a place to sit in a classroom and get a degree, it's shaping you into the person you want to be.

So with that deep thought, I would like to raise my metaphorical cup and say:

Here's to us.
Here's to making this an amazing year
Here's to a fantastic football season
Here's to grades that make our parents proud
Here's to the lessons we are going to learn
Here's to new beginnings
Here's to us.

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