September 8, 2014

Hidden Treasures

There are many wonderful places in Logan to visit. There are definitely places that most people know about and go to quite often. However, there are some hidden gems in Logan that sometimes get over looked. Most people will see them, but they are not as common.
I had seen a few places that I had been dying to go to that were a little off the beaten path. I am sure that most of you have actually seen these places, but have yet to venture in. Well, I want to show you how amazing these places are and what great treasures that you can find there.


I absolutely loved this place! There were so many things to look at and you don’t realize it until you find yourself rounding another corner and another. The place is so big and holds so much that we definitely took our time to make sure we looked at as much as we could! Antique stores are definitely a great place to find tons of random trinkets and sometimes unexpected treasures. You never know what you will find! If anything, this could just be a fun place to look around, or if you need some date ideas: make games (i.e. scavenger hunt) or see who can find the oldest thing! The possibilities are endless.


Now this is a place that I think most people pass by. You will find this quaint little place on the side of the road coming into Logan. Not only can you find honey and fudge, but they have different treats from other places, but they also have decorations that you can buy for various holidays. 
We had such a fun time roaming the store and just seeing what they had to offer. 

Check it out: REAL LIFE BEES! You can sit and watch them gather pollen and fill up the combs for the honey!>>>>>>

<<<<<We got some red velvet fudge and a small bottle of raspberry honey. (Have you every had blueberry, raspberry, orange, or pomegranate honey? Well they have it!)

With all the different flavors of fudge, honey, and so many various other treats, I am surprised we finally came to a decision!
But if you are having a hard time deciding then they do have a place where you can taste test both the honey and the fudge. If you have a sweet tooth like me, then this is definitely a place you should check it out!

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