September 4, 2014

Eboo Patel-Interfaith

Tonight, I had the opportunity to go and listen to Eboo Patel. 

He spoke in the Kent Concert Hall which is located in the Fine Arts Center Building; it was a free event and was opened to all students and the public. 

There are lots of events where people come to campus and get to speak- there are so many times that we choose not to go because there are other things we could be doing, but there are times like these that I believe we should try and attend because these speakers always have lots of things to say! 

I simply want to touch on one basic thing that he talked about. He is Muslim, but he recognized how strong other religions are and how no matter what religion we are, we should admire other religions because we can strengthen our own religion by doing so. I know that religion can be a touchy subject, but he talked about it in such a way, that it is okay that we are all different. Being different makes us unique. Makes us our own. Makes us strong! I love that we are all different because, as we all know, if we were the same, that would not be fun! Many times, this is where barriers come and so many people forget the importance that we are all people. And what an great thing that is. 

Today, I think we should take a step back, and see how we can admire someone else and how great and diverse this world is, and the wonders that come from that. Also by coming together and (as their focus) be "better together" can really make a difference. 

This world is great. You can make a difference. Make it great AGGIES!

If you would like anymore information you can visit the website on these business cards they handed out!

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