January 31, 2015


Tuesday in Logan means...  80's SKATE NIGHT!!! Let me just say the fun house was poppin' this week! It was freakin rad! I LOVE COLLEGE!  
*Cue dramatic 80's jam* 
"Forever Young, I want to be Forever Young.
Do you really want to live forever?! FOREVER AND EVVVEEERRRR!!!!!"
K. I'm done. 

The original sk8 gang ladies and gentleman.

Drum roll please....

S/O  to my homies:

Best Dressed:

 Miles Brooks rockin the gold jumpsuit

Most likely to get Dress Coded: 


Most likely to be a pro sk8er on the side: 

Three way tie: Sawyer, Thomas, & Jentz.. killin it with the dance moves boys

Most likely to ask to get kicked out just to look cool:

 Trevor Beazer

Most likely to drop out of college & become  skating bums:

                                    Clint & Co.                                                  

Most likely to get injured while standing against the wall: 

Me. I'm bursting with talent. *whoa livin' on a prayer..*

Most likely to be the one that starts the train:  Avree Frost

Most likely to be the one that crashes the train: 

Avree Frost..it's ok I love you..

Most improved: 

Erica Johnson joking... Ricky was already amazing, but now with that one foot spin shes on FIRE.

Most Entertaining/ Cache Valley Fun Park Clown: 

Tanner Boden

Feel Free to stop by and pickup your award anytime. I love you all. 

"Oh Avree you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Avree! Hey Avree!" 


My out of control, mess of curly hair has never felt more accepted than at 80s night. On the real 80s night is pretty much my element..the dressing up crazy & listening to sick music part, the actual skating aspect not so much.. Guys some day I will get the hang of it. This was only my second time skating, but I plan on being a regular at sk80s from now on! 

January 30, 2015

Shut Up and Dance With Me!!


Quote of the night:

"You look like a fish."
- Tanner. 
*cue T-swift*
"and that's how it works THAT'S HOW YOU GET THE GURLL..."

 All jokes aside. Tanner is way cool. 

You go to a masquerade, but you don't wear a mask. It's a metaphor. 

Best dance moves? Ryan Taylor. Best Personality? Ryan Taylor.
Ryan Taylor wins at life my friends. 
When you don't have a mask...ski goggles work right? Ok peace out Aggies!

January 27, 2015


Meet the GALLIVAN GANG aka Cole & Co.  

This weekend we took a last minute drive down to the city to ice skate with our favorite crew. The Gallivan center is freakin sick, and the best part is that Christmas was already over. AKA: all the cliche, cut,e Christmas loving couples had diminished. We basically got the rink to ourselves, until some super hardcore iceskating bros showed up. They were doing leaps and holding each other in the air, and going crazy! No worries my girl Erica showed them up with her mad skating skills. Erica is good at EVERYTHING. No joke. I have yet been able to find something that she can't do. Boys get at her. 

We also hit up the this cute little hipster diner that was featured on Diners-Drive-Inns and Dives. So it's the real deal ladies and gentleman, and it was insanely delicious. GO THERE next time you are in SLC! 
Tip: don't go 10 minutes before closing with a group of 12... chances are you will receive more evil death glares in one night, than you wanted to in your whole life.

The Aftermath of a Night in the City:

The struggle is real when you are dead tired, and still have to go up four flights of stairs to get to your bed. Next best option: Sleep on the fireplace. 
#collegelyfe #sleepingincars #tootiredtofunction 
Update on last weekend: We went to the Crystal Hot Springs with the Nibley boys on Friday (so fun, I'm way sad I didn't snap any pics!) and then on Saturday we all hung out, and things got pretty wild racing down the stairs on Kody's rainbow zebra print fuzzy pillow AKA: Lafanda. 

January 25, 2015

Because You Know I'm All About That FOOD

Because I like food and you like food. 

That's all. 

When students come to Logan they are always asking where some of the best places to eat are. I am definitely one of those people who LOVE to eat and am always looking for good places to eat. When people come to campus, there are plenty of places to eat that can help satisfy cravings whenever you need a bit to eat. Plus, you can use your meal plans at these places, if you have a meal plan, if you don't, well, lucky for you, you can still eat here. 

1. The Skyroom. Buffet style. Fancy. Super delicious. 
The Skyroom is located in the Taggart Student Center on the 3rd floor
2. Luke's Cafe on the Quad. Breakfast & Lunch preferences. Order to your liking. 
Luke's Cafe on the Quad is located on the bottom floor of the Agricultural Science Building
3. The Quick Stop. Like a gas station, but better.
The Quick Stop is located in the Taggart Student Center on the bottom floor
 4. Aggie Creamery. Aggie Ice Cream. Whichever, its the best ice cream out there. They also serve sandwiches and other delicious things, like cheese. 
Aggie Ice Cream is located in the Nutrition Building
 5. Emma's Nook. Like a lot of the other places, but they have the best pretzels. 
Emma's Nook is located in the Emma Eccles Jones Building
 6. The Hub. In the mood for a sandwich? Tacos? Burgers? You can have it all here. There are so many options. 
The Hub is located in the bottom of the Taggart Student Center

 7. The Marketplace. Buffet. Buffet. Buffet. There are so many options here and definitely is the best place to eat on campus.
Aggie Marketplace is located in the Taggart Student Center on the Second Floor
 8. Artist's block. Here to order, here to stay, delicious food all the way.
Artist's Block Cafe & Bakery is located in the Arts building on the bottom floor
 9. The Junction. They say it's the best kept secret on campus. Buffet style, super good.
The Junction is located out by the Resident Halls
 10. Quad Side Cafe. One of the best for soups, sandwiches, drinks, and top notch for a study break.
Quad Side Cafe is located in the library on the bottom floor

As the campus contains very delicious places to eat, there are many other options all around the Logan. Like most cities, there are always places that people rave about and that they love to eat at. Well, I am no exception! I always love to find new places to eat. Here is a list of a lot of the different places in Logan, most are places that you can't find anywhere else, and some that you might have seen before. 
* are the ones I like the most
1. Logan's Heroes*
2. Crumbs Brothers Artisan Bakery & Cafe
3. Herm's Inn*
4. El Toro Vejo
5. Angie's Restaurant
6. Johnny O's Spudnuts
7. The Crepery
8. Texas Roadhouse
9. Tandoori Oven
10. Elements Restaurant at the Riverwoods
11. Jack Woods Fire Oven
12. Sweetly Divine
13. Takara Sushi
14. Happy Sushi
15. Caffe Ibis
16. The Beehive Grill
17. Le Nonne
18. Bluebird Restaurant*
19. Great Harvest Bread Company
20. Indian Oven
21. Cafe Sabor*
22. Mo' Bettah Steaks*
23. Charlie Supreme Ice Cream
24. The Factory Pizzeria
25. Kneaders Bakery & Cafe
26. HuHot Mongolian Grill 
27. The Coppermill
28. Juniper
29. The Italian Place
30. Jamba Juice
31. Paco's Mexican Food
32. Apple Spice Cafe & Bakery
33. Kabuki Tepanyaki 
34. Firehouse Pizzeria
35. Black Pearl China Bistro & Sushi Bar
36. Gia's
37. Temptation Cupcake
38. Frederico's*
39. Buffalo Wild Wings
40. Mandarin Garden
41. Aggie Station
42. The Pita Pit
43. Center Street Grill*
44. The White Owl
45. Gaucho Grill
46. Shaffer House Bakeries*
47. Papa Kelsey's
48. El Sol Mexican Restaurant
49. Twizlberry
50. Formosa
51. Romo's Mediterranean Grill
52. The Bull's Head Pizzeria & Grille
53. Korean BBQ
54. Jitters 
55. Sushi Ya
56. Wok on Wheels*
57. Firehouse Subs
58. Royal Express
59. Fox's Pizza Den
60. Orange Leaf
61. Rice Garden
62. Mulligans
63. Sultan's Tavern
64. Longwing Barbecue
65. Stacked
66. Morty's Cafe
And then of course all the fast food restaurants and restaurants that you normally would find wherever you are from. There are so many delicious choices and so many that I still have not tried, but that are definitely on my to do list! 

All that's left to say is, DIG IN!

January 18, 2015

40 minutes of driving = HOURS of Ski Heaven

Just 40 minutes from legendary Logan, Utah we find the magestic slopes of BEAVER MOUNTAIN. Whether you're a lifetime skiing pro (like every one of my friends), or one of those kids who should be skiing while tied to another adult (like me), Beaver is the perfect resort for anyone! So pull up your big-boy snow pants, rent some gear, and hit the slopes with the Aggies!
Jed, Sam, and Beaver
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mike Hendricks

A job well done

January 12, 2015

New Year+New You

Welcome back to school Aggies,and in the year 2015 no less! Christmas break was definitely a good time to relax and enjoy family and friends during the good old Holiday traditions. We are all back now in the hustle and bustle of the last semester of the 14-15 school year. It's crazy to think that so many of my friends are graduating or finishing parts of their lives by the time we reach May this year. As far as school goes, it's always super hard to get back into the routine of things, especially when we have only been in school for a few days and we are all already swamped with homework. As you can see, my life has been taken over.
I obviously need my Cherry Coke. That is definitely my go to drink! And if you are anything like me, snacks and drinks are the way to go when studying! 

By the time each year comes to an end, we all have come up with new year resolutions and things that we want to change for the upcoming year. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen out running over the past week! My husband and I have decided that we need to be healthier, just like everyone else, but we are the worst at cutting out every single type of food. We just decided that we would just cut back on eating as much and exercising more. Everything in moderation right? One of the cool things that we have purchased, more for the benefit of the competition of who can do better, is the Fitbit band. 
I feel like this is one of those engagement ring pictures.
This band keeps track of how many steps you take and can even monitors your sleep. They also have a website (and the app of course) that you can check and see how well you're doing, look at your sleeping patterns, and then log your food and workouts. We figured since there is something on our wrists then we might actually do something about keeping our fitness goal up. Let's see how long it lasts ;)


Over the Christmas break, my husband and I, along with my family, had the opportunity to go to Tijuana Mexico with a non-profit organization called Builders Without Borders. We went down to go build houses and bunk beds for those who were in need. It was such a neat experience, which makes me want to take another goal into consideration. Being able to serve other people made me really want to continue to serve those around me, even while I'm not in Mexico.
The inside of the house that we were building. This is my family, the two lovely ladies on the left (almost in the middle) were the ones we were building the house for. 
Olga, the lady on the far left, is who we were building the house for. My mom, on my right, made the curtains Olga is holding, along with a quilt and other things. The lady next to me, is Olivia, she was a neighbor in the area that came to help us, along with preparing lunch for us everyday. We were so blessed to have that service given to us!

This is just a brief glance of the bunk beds we built. We ended up building seven bunk beds for the seven different houses that were built.
Although we didn't get to finish the house, we know that we were doing something different and doing it for someone else that made the experience so great! I just love that there are so many amazing opportunities on and off campus (including the Val R. Christensen center that is located on the third floor in the TSC) that we can all get involved in. 

I know that the big thing right now are those health and fitness goals, now I'm not excluded other goals that people have set, I just want us all to stretch our goals in a different direction than what we have done before. I think we can all give back, especially with how much we have been given. 


(and a Happy New Year!)

"Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need"-Gillian Anderson