September 8, 2014

This is the Life

Thursday night the Downtown Fiction came to USU! It was a killer concert! I have never danced as hard, been so close to so many sweaty people, or had that much fun! You all touched me tonight, literally I need to shower. I almost hit the ground about 300 times, but props to all the guys for saving me from falling to my death every five seconds! It was so sick!

 Advice: Come to every school event. I don't care if you think it sounds lame, or you are too hipster, or you are too tired. COME!! I promise you it will be worth it. You're going to thank me.

 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (80's Dance)

Roommates are kind of like parents: We all think we have the best ones, but really I do.
These ladies make me so happy!

"That's all they want, that's all they really want, some fuuuuuuunnnnnnn! *Cyndi Lauper Voice*

So ya, that basically describes the 80's dance. It was the best! I loved dressing up crazy, and dancing all night with my cute roommates!

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