September 15, 2014

Aggie White and the Seven Touchdowns

Alright, we didn't make 7 touchdowns BUT we did have an amazing game against Wake Forest last Saturday and to make it even more awesome was that it was the USU White Out game! Lucky for me, I was able to get an all access field pass (Cool right?!) to the game so I took my GoPro and my camera and captured as much as I could while I was down there!

Right when I walked in, I noticed that many of the front row jo's were holding some very questionable powder in their hands.

"It's cornstarch!" said a girl in the front row. 

During the "I Believe We Will Win" chant, right at the climax of the chant, the entire front row threw the cornstarch into the air and everyone who wasn't wearing white to the game (which was basically no one) was covered in it!

Side-note- there should be a video somewhere of it but I don't have it but when I do, I will post it!

Anyways! Let's talk about what exactly a USU football game is all about.

USU football is a very big reason why fall semester is so awesome. You really can't beat the feeling and excitement get when you are there with the rest of the student body and you are all glued onto the game because it's almost like you are playing with the football team. 

We take our white-out games seriously, 
You can't tell but many of the people in the photo above are wearing the exact same shirt. A few days before the white-out game, the USU Campus Store sells the white game day shirts for students, family, Aggie supporters, kids, for a five bucks! It's nice to grab one when you first come up here because you know that you are going to be wearing that white shirt at least once every year! 

The shirts are only one of the many reasons why the Aggies are the best at sporting events.

The students are also a big part of it as well!

The HURD is a club on campus that essentially leads the student body in the chanting and cheering in many of the sporting events. Usually in the front lines of the charge against the opposing team, the HURD are a big part of the student body system and they are always looking for energtic Aggies who have a passion for winning and sports to join them! (I also heard that they give you a shirt when you join as well!)

Of course, you don't have to be a member of the HURD to be a leader within the crowd! Just being there, cheering on the football team and letting them know that you are there and with them with every touchdown or fumble is enough.

Being on the field next to those players, I have realized how much they rely on the crowd for support and to keep them pumped during the game so if you are going to be going to an Aggie football, basketball, racquetball, soccer, even an intramural flag football game, go with a lot of energy and cheer your fellow Aggies on! It really does help!

I feel like Big Blue is saying, "YOU WANNA PIECE OF US?" but I mean that's just me.

Ally Bronte and Ailed Miller stoked to be at the game! (Look at the picture, that cornstarch I talked about it everywhere!)

When the Aggies make a touchdown, these guys pull a big rope on the machine behind them and a loud boom goes off. It is awesome. I wonder if they are deaf?

Patrick Sutton and Matt Moon showing a lot more than just their pride for USU.
Totally fine though, I mean, technically, they are wearing white.

Special Shout-out

Alright, I have to talk about the USU cheerleaders for a second here. 

Blake Nielson, a male cheerleader. (hey, we have those too here at USU)

They are seriously a true form of leadership on this campus. Not only do they have to smile almost the entire time but they have to be ready to cheer or lead the entire stadium in a chant to pump up the team! There are coolers everywhere on the field and it is rare to see a cheerleader putting the pom-pom's down and taking a ten while the game is going. Cheerleaders may seem silly from the view of a spectator but if you really think about it, there is so much hardwork that is put into memorizing and keeping that energy throughout the entire game! It really is just amazing.

They did this the last part of the game and the photographer next to me said, " How do they do that?? I mean, that guy looks pretty big!". I just couldn't stop laughing.

You all know who this guy is so I won't go into crazy detail but I'm glad I got this picture cause it's a good representation of the students that are apart of USU Athletics, they are students who are proud of their accomplishments like the rest of us. 

Alright, I will let y'all go! Hopefully I will have some footage to show of my experience on the field (because it was sooooooo very awesome) but I hope you will get yourself into an Aggie sporting event soon because there are not enough blog posts that can describe how amazing it really is. Win or lose, USU is THE best school when it comes to sports. You just have to come up and check it out yourself.

Make good choices! 

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