September 19, 2014

Fraternity and Sorority Life Friday

Now I know what you are all thinking, 

"Fraternities and sororities? Don't those greeks just drink and party and wear weird letters on all of their stuff? Why would you want to join that?"

This last week, the fraternities and some of the sororities here at USU had their annual rush week where students can explore what Greek life is like.

During week, the fraternities here on campus have different events for the guys on campus to come and hang out with the different chapters. Things like car bashing, concerts, and jump-zones are just some of the events fraternities put here on campus! I remember when I went to the different rush activities and it was so awesome because I was able to go to each house on a different day and see what the brothers of the chapters was like. 

That's a really important thing to remember when it comes to Rush week: You don't have to join a fraternity or a sorority.

I mean, yes, it would be awesome if you found the right Greek chapter to join and to grow and develop with men or women who value the same things as you but sometimes the shoe doesn't fit and you can walk away if you want!

On the last day of the week, both the fraternities and the sororities have their revealing of the new members of the the chapter. 

The fraternities call it the Run of the Hill.

Alpha Tau Omega chapter

Essentially, the fraternities stay on top of the hill and yell something a fratenity chant or just their fraternity name down the hill as loud as they can down the hill.

Alpha Tau Omega new members running up the hill.

Then the new members (pledges if you will) respond with another scream (sometimes I really can't understand what they are saying) and then they run up the hill (get the title now) towards the chapter they have chosen!

Delta Sigma Phi chapter

DSP pledge class

Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter. (This is the fraternity I am in!)

My new brothers!

Sigma Chi chapter

Sigma Chi's pledge class

Pi Kappa Alpha's car bashing activity during Rush Week!

Sorry Pikes, I couldn't find your hill run pictures! But thanks for having a Facebook page where I could get this photo! It looked like a lot of fun!

Sister! Sister!

Two of the three sororities on campus had their recruitment during the week as well!

Obviously I don't know the on-goings of sorority recruitment since I'm, ya know, a boy. But I do know that it is a lot of fun and just after the fraternity men have their hill run, the sororities girls introduce their new sisters to the Greek community!

Alpha Chi Omega

Hannah Wood with the name of one of her new sisters!

Abby Jarman
 (also a SigEp Sweetheart which is kind of like a spokeswoman for the SigEp fraternity)

New Alpha Chi members!

More Alpha Chi members!


Kappa Delta 

Becca Glover (also the Traditions VP for USU/SA)

KD Sisters

KD New Members!

Welcome to the Sisterhood

I have been a Greek for almost 3 years now and I can honestly say that is is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Not only do I have the opportunity to hold leadership positions, be a mentor to other college students, and gain some service hours, I am surrounded in so much love, values, and amazing people from all different walks of life. 

Soooo the next time you see a guy or girl on campus with some Greek letters, I want you to stop them and talk to them! Greeks are not scary people, we are students, Aggies, just like you and we really love to talk about our chapters. Ask anyone from any fraternity and sorority and they can go for hours about their chapter. It really proves just how much we love and value being Greek here at USU.

If you have an interest in joining Greeks or want to know more, scroll down to the link below and check out the different sororities and fraternities here on campus and how you can get in contact with them! 

We would love to see you at our next recruitment week because...

(scroll down for dramatic effect)

The more the Greekier, right?

Have a good weekend!
Make good choices!



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