February 26, 2015

Bonfires. Dixie Rock.Sleepovers. Angels Landing. Cuddle Puddles.Blading =favorite weekend yet

*That one time when Kody went to hard on chest day, and got stuck in the narrows #neverforget*
Kody "We can make the man cave the love cave..."
We started a club. Don't worry the gold chains are on their way...
Now this is a cuddle puddle ladies and gents! #sleepoversarefun

Sundays... more like SUNDAES! My madre is the best, homemade waffle cones+fudge sauce=delish
Make way BLC cuz the CPC is taking over... 

-drove for six hours
- hiked the narrows of Dixe rock with 1.9 million highschool couples
-ate giant milkshakes
 -cuddle puddled hardcore
 -hiked Angels Landing along with the entire BYU student body
- got in fights with 10 yr old door bell ditchers
-met a cool captain
-got blading battle wounds/raced wiggle cars
-mountain biked
-rock climbed
 -blew up aerosol cans in a giant bonfire in the middle of the desert
-ate too much food thanks to mama Gen

February 22, 2015

I'll take one Peanut Butter-Jedi-Cabin-Reggae-Malibu mocktail...

Welcome to Kodiak's Cabin, it's a freaking mansion, and way sick, it just has one flaw ...BOX ELDER BUGS... gallons of them falling from the windows!! YO YOUR CABIN IS INFESTED!!

Friday night I made five bags of white chocolate peanut butter popcorn, got in Madi's car and drove to Idaho to meet my homies at Kody's cabin! We may or may  not have struggled getting up the giant snow-covered drive way in Madi's little car, and it's a possibility that we] had to push the car cuz it was sliding down the mountain... hahah 
We shot guns, went sledding, played games (stay tuned for details), watched movies, and chilled in the hot tub until 5am... 

This is like crack, it's freaking addictive guys! 

I never knew Pictionary was such a big deal... but WOW I was so wrong!! Let me just say it was the most intense boys vs girls battle ever! The boys came in way too cocky, and then we killed them/may have cheated a little (don't tell!) They had no clue and just kept yelling  "she's so clever" haha oops sorry boys... We also played silent football in the hottub and it was way rad!
After going to bed at 5:30 am and sleeping for two and a half hours, we woke up and headed to the boat show in Draper! To say we were exhausted would be an extreme understatement! It was really cool though! There were sick Malibus, and amazing yachts, and free candy everywhere! It made me crave summer lake days soo bad! We were planning on staying for about an hour, but *insert spongebob squarepants announcer voice*
We were still there, and found a nice tube to nap on. #noshame. The amount of dirty looks we got was hilarious!  DON'T GLARE AT COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO SLEEP IN PUBLIC!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'VE BEEN THROUGH!!

ok ok sorry for complaining Trevor we were way stoked for you to get a boat, and a signed wakeboard, it was worth it for sure!
After dinner at Trevors we hit up the Rock Reggae Festival! It was dope! Going to concerts with my favorite people is definlty a contender on my top ten list. After the concert Clint drove us home all the way to Logan at 1am, he deserves an award for sure. Clint Lawrence: nicest guy EVER.

Birthday dinner for my gurll Ricky J!! HBD ERICA I LOOOVEEE YOU!!!

Mocktails for Casino Night with the Roomies!

Ambassador "Star Crossed Lovers" Star Wars Party. Happy V-day from these Jedis...

Siera got called to Washington, D.C. South mission, so I decided to decorate her room while she was gone... #convertobama.

Ok Gen wins best mom/bf award hands down! Is this not the cutest package from home ever??!! I was so excited and grateful to have such and awesome mom! Well that's my crazy week! Peace out Aggies!