October 11, 2014

Football and Frightmares for FREE Yo!

This last week was probably my favorite one yet! First off S/O to our INCREDIBLE football team!! Way to beat BYU on their home field! My friends and I went to the game and it was the best football experience I have ever had! The energy in the student section was unbelievable! It was radiating with school pride! I had never been more proud to scream the Scottsman in my USU sweatshirt! I LOVED every minute of it!

Just a typical car jam sesh on our way to Provo!!

We also got to go to Frightmares at Lagoon, and the best part was that it was totally FREE! Now I'm not sure about you, but free is easily the best word in college. Not only did we get free tickets, but we also got free dinner! Some of our friends work for Vivint, so they hooked us up.   GO VIVINT!! YOU'RE THE REAL MVP!! P.S. it was my very first time at Lagoon. Total success.
Siera is finally tall enough to ride these rides! YAYA!

Scavenger Hunt

We also had the most epic scavenger hunt Monday night with all the ladies in Davis Hall! We ran around campus taking pictures with strangers, and rolling down old main, and being complete freaks. It was so rad! I love these girls!

 Weekend in Highland

I became a Squires this week! So glad I got to spend the weekend staying with Siera's cute family!   I also took their family pictures, which was hilarious because I had no idea what I was doing! Shocker I may live in Utah, but I'm no white girl photographer, that's for sure! Nevertheless I enjoyed crashing their fam pics.
I saved the best picture for last obviously. We found this homemade Ariana Grande cut out in Erica's little sis's room. Erica has been replaced at home by a cardboard box. Ouch. 
Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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