October 4, 2014


USU vs BYU game
Now, I am going to say this. I have not been able to go to a USU football game so far this year because I have been scheduled to work every single time that we have had a home game.
Yesterday, was different.
I am originally from Pleasant Grove, UT and my family still lives there. Well, both of my parents and my oldest brother have all gone/still go to BYU. After Snow College, I have been the only one to have gone somewhere different. Which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.
SO. The story goes like this. My dad called me and asked if we (hubby and I) would like to come down to go to the USU vs BYU game. There was no way I could turn that down. We had waited two weeks for this, and the day finally came.

Snapchatting the day away!
 The drive down was definitely not a pleasant one. But three and a half hours later, after slowing down for two crashes and then making it through rush hour traffic and people going home and trying to get to this game. MAN. We finally made it. We definitely weren't very sure of the outcome. The last time we had won a game against BYU was back in 1978.. But, we were still ready to scream and yell as loud as we could. I mean, we are Aggies after all. We are known for being very loud as we cheer for our team. The game started at 8:oo pm. Which was such a late game in general, but of course with all of our screaming, I was the most awake I had been all day long!


Closest we would be to the field all night.


Look closely, you'll see fellow Aggies!

Younger brother (Benton), my Dad (Nathan), and I (BYU vs USU)
Let me take a selfie-Aggie Style
Brimley Family
Grandpa Morgan from Idaho!
Having my family there, even though half of them were BYU fans, was still great. We thought that the whole game was going to be a blowout, so I was afraid that we were going to be the ones getting all the yelling in our faces. I was prepared for this though. Nothing was going to stop me from cheering for the Aggies!
Hubby & I and our Aggie Swag!
After the first touchdown BYU made after less than 2 minutes, then we thought, here we go. This is beginning. And then we scored. And we thought, at least this is going to give us something! And then BYU scored again. But we kept with them and soon, we were in the lead! It was so great, and even though my family and I were not all on the same team, it was still great to enjoy something, even as simple as a football game, to have a wonderful time! I am so glad we went and
that I was there cheering on Utah State University!
 My voice was shot, but the happiness on my face never left. We were cheering and screaming the whole time and even though weren't sitting by many other Aggies, every time the band and the student section would strike up the fight song and the Scotsman, we were there, standing up, cheering and singing as loud as we possibly could. It didn't matter where we were, we had that Aggie pride and we weren't afraid to show it! I was so happy and just so proud to be an AGGIE!
USU-35 BYU-20

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