October 29, 2014

Up Close And Personal: USU vs. UNLV Game Day!!!

Oright, oright, oriiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

What's up everyone?! Hope you all are having a marvellous week!

Who out there loves watching football?! I know I do! This past weekend I had the life-changing opportunity to watch our very own Aggie football team right the ON the sideline. I won't lie, standing on the field with a bunch of big dudes was a little bit intimidating. But hey! The experience was soooo unreal and I couldn't have been any more stoked to be there. I was also very lucky to able to catch my first time on Merlin Olsen Field on film! Check it out!

The final score of the game was 34-20 with another W for USU! Woooot, wooooot!
This particular game was a special one because it was Utah State's annual Breast Cancer Awareness Game. From the players on the field to the fans in the stands, splashes of pink were found in support of breast cancer awareness. If it's one place that's excellent at bringing the community together for a cause it's Utah State. No matter what the cause is, I feel like Utah State knows how to bring the Aggie and Logan community together in order to raise awareness as well as form a common bond between everyone. 
Aggies who fight together, stay together.

On that note, folks, stay tuned for my next post! In the mean time enjoy these photos from the game! GO AGGIES!!!!

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