September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Here in the sweet land of Cache Valley, the outdoor possibilities are endless...Literally, Endless! Imagine you've just finished your first week of class after putting in some pretty hard work. You want to reward yourself right? Well, what better way than to immerse yourself into the vast wilderness of beautiful Logan Canyon. There's rock climbing, hiking, fishing, camping...a huge world of wonder lies at your finger tips. This weekend, however, my friends and I went with something a little more intense, Slingshot Paint-balling!  All we needed were three things: slingshots, safety glasses, and as many paint-balls as we could get our hands on. We drove through Logan Canyon to Right Hand Fork, hiked to a spot with decent tree cover, split up teams, and away we went! I'll be honest, there are fewer intense moments in your life than when you have to nervously reload your sling in the middle of a paint-ball crossfire. I felt like a mix between a green beret and Tom Sawyer! It was pretty hardcore! So next time you go paint-balling, don't waste money on guns and co2. Just throw on your coveralls, slip your slingshot in your back pocket, and become one with the forest. I know I did.

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