September 27, 2014

The Bus is Stopping

We will be making a short stop to introduce you to the 
Caine College of the Arts:

There are so many wonderful events that take place on and off campus that the school puts on. Many of us attend the football and basketball games while others of us attend the dances or service projects. Whatever it is us Aggies do, there are so many other opportunities that await us if we just look for them. I know that, being an English major, I don't get involved with many other colleges because I am not equipped with information to be an Engineer or Science major, but there are so many great things that allow us, as students, the opportunity to get to know other students within the colleges.


For a few weeks, I kept seeing this sign outside all over campus. I was curious and so I stopped my ever so prestigious routine,(okay, let's be honest, I just walk like the rest of us haha) and stopped to check and see what it was all about. In case any of you missed the sign or didn't read it, the Caine College of the Arts was putting on a play at the Caine Lyric Theatre from Sept. 23-27th. I had never heard of this play before, but I was intrigued to go and see what was in store.
Luckily, my husband agreed to go and see the play with me. And as college students we were able to go see the play for free. I know we all love free stuff, and if you like plays, or if you don't, free is free and it is great to go and support the school in other ways that let us get in for free. There are so many opportunities that we have here on campus to support other students and colleges within the university.
Let's just say, AGGIES are the best! 
Just look at how fancy this place is!
I know plays aren't for everyone, but it was great to get out and do something else for a change. And to be honest, I felt very sophisticated (hence photo on the right). Haha I love that we live in such a great town, a college town, that allows us to have so many great experiences that are just right outside our door.

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