December 26, 2014


I am officially a real Utah white girl. I WENT TO TEMPLE SQUARE FOR THE FIRST TIME! I loved it you guys (who doesn't?!). Such a fun date with the best group of people! Highlight of the night was definitely when we were j-walking in the middle of the city, and out of nowhere Cole just eats it. The best part was that he just lied there FOREVER on the street. Honestly it's a miracle he didn't get nailed by a giant bus. Glad you're still with us Cole!

 Utah State isn't too far from Salt Lake, which is rad if you want to get away for the weekend! 
There are so many more fun things to do in the Salt Lake area for Christmas time than there was back home in little St. George! 

So.. this is me in the back of some elderly strangers mini cooper with my three weeks of luggage sitting on my lap, and my body slammed against the window. Yep. LONGEST 5 HOUR DRIVE OF MY LIFE!!!   I got stuck in Salt Lake cuz my ride decided to leave later, and I had to get home somehow! 
Welcome to the #nocarlyfe my friends! Lol.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory or My Kitchen?? You Decide...

It's normal to be baking 500 things at 4:00 am RIGHT?! Please tell me I'm not crazy!! One of my absolute favorite parts of being home, is getting to cater with my madre. We always make a giant mess and bake all night long!
Isn't this what most people's kitchens look like?! HA

20 loaves of french bread,
100 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies,
300 caramel turtle bites,
4 sheets of peanut butter white chocolate popcorn,
3 pans of cinnamon almonds,
4 sheets of almond chocolate toffee,
35 loaves of cheesecake pumpkin bread later...

We finally finished the gift baskets yo! 

Christmas party with the cousins! S/0 to homies on the left that just got their wisdom teeth out the day we took this pic. Lookin good! 
*Opens present*
"Merry Christmas Now You can Print all your essays!"
-Thanks mom

December 16, 2014


"You're Welcome for lighting up your life." -Love the girls of Davis 404

First Ugly Christmas Sweater party of the night down, three more to go! I love all these chicas a whole lot! Props to Mitch for making this happen!
 Party #2 Karaoke and Crepes. Solid combo. 
Thanks to BFK for having an amazing collection of Christmas Sweaters!
Thank you DI for making my christmas wishes come true for the small price of $2
Ricky J and Emma threw a killer party. This was probably the most people Wasatch Hall has ever seen cuz #itstiny , but soo sick! 

December 8, 2014

Crepes and Karaoke...easy on the Pepsi

We Aggies take pride in TWO things over the holiday season:
1. Filling our bellies with festive hors d'oervres
2. Spreading Christmas cheer....and anyone who's anyone has seen the movie Elf, and knows quite well how that's done.

My dear friend, Gavin Salisbury, hosted his 3rd ever Crepes and Karaoke event this weekend at what we call "The Stache"! I would give you all the details, but I have the sneaking suspicion that there's talk of a I suggest you attend it yourself. I will say this, however: Our crepes were filled with delicious condiments, our ears were filled with catchy sing-alongs, and our night was filled with holiday joy.....Just don't miss the next dig?
The Crowd watches as the Karaoke melts some faces

I record as Mason is serenaded by his hoard of young ladies

Ugly Sweaters and beautiful faces
That's how we do

December 7, 2014

"It's the Holiday Season"

Our fabulous first year tree:)
Hey guys! I'm excited because this is one of my favorite posts! Mainly due to the fact that I am crazy about Christmas time! One of my most memorable family traditions was bundling up in the car, playing Christmas music, and driving around neighborhoods looking at all the lights and decorations that people were putting on their roofs and front lawns. I could not resist doing that here in Logan! So my husband and I had a fun filled night, first decorating our beautiful little (6 footer Christmas tree- which by the way, was only $30 at Big Lots and came pre-lit.) watched ourselves a little Home Alone and then drove around beautiful Logan to see what decorations people had on their houses. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to just see how wonderful this time of the year is and just how simplistic this is, but in turn can make me so happy! So hope you enjoy the wonderful lights that you see and encourage you to go out and find all these yourselves! (Plus you all know I'm about that cheap date experience; just grab some hot chocolate and crank up that Christmas music and you guys are good to go!)
Which house do you think is the best!?!? Then go see if you can find them!

I just love that they had so many (fake lighted) deer in their yard! The one behind me is questionable..

If you look closely, you can see our little friend. (this one is real)

If I had a house this big....

Nativity scene. This wasn't even a part of the house!

So many lights!! Make me happy!

What's even better, is the snowman actually shakes!

Check out that Nutcracker... Ha

Baby it's cold OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!

 And of course, the majority of this house in it's glory. This has to be one of my favorite houses! They had fabulous decorations and by far the coolest stuff that we saw tonight. Let's see if you could find better?!? I LOVED SEEING THE LIGHTS!

December 4, 2014


Props to thee Sawyer Hemsley for throwing the sickest Friendsgiving USU has ever seen! The decorations, food and friends were on point!!