September 21, 2014

Just Some Friendly Competition: Access and Diversity Volleyball Tournament!

Alooooooooooha my friends!!

I hope your day is going just swell, I know mine is! How many of you love getting involved in clubs and organizations? My fellow Blue Crew member Chris just posted about Greek life so I just wanted to share one of the organizations on campus that I'm involved with. The Access and Diversity Center is an office on campus that is home to a variety of clubs and programs. One of the things that I've been involved with during my time here at USU are the multicultural clubs, more specifically with the Polynesian Student Union (PSU). 
I'm currently in my third year as a council member and it has been so great! I've personally gained some memorable experiences and have met some genuine people from being involved with Access and Diversity. This past weekend PSU hosted a volleyball tournament in which the clubs in the Access and Diversity Center were able to compete against each other. It was a close tourney but let's just say my team (PSU) put in WORK and killed it by coming in first place! Whoot, whoot! The Latin Student Union came in second place and the Asian Student Association came in third place. A little friendly competition is always fun, right? It was a good time and only made our bond as a group even stronger. Being involved with particular program has given me such fulfillment and I've honestly met some of my closest friends through these clubs. For me, getting into these clubs and organizations on campus have made my college worthwhile ; I love every bit of being involved with such a cool school!

Stay tuned for my next post, peeps! Until next time, peace out!

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