March 20, 2015

Own Every Second

Hello Aggies!

Alright so I haven't posted about my life since Mardi Gras! I know you are all thinking that Mardi Gras was the high point of my Spring semester but YOU'RE WRONG!

Life has been busier than ever but thankfully I was able to have a, what felt very brief but actually was a week long, break from school.

This Spring Break I took myself to the only place that was full of cronuts (croissant doughnuts), napping sea lions, and so much sand that I didn't even get to visit them all. That's right, I went to California...again.

Instead of writing about my experience there, I took my GoPro with me on the trip and thankfully so did some of the people I went on the trip with so here is a mini-wrap-up of my Spring Break trip!


Am I just realizing most of that video was just of us eating? Rest assured, we did a lot more than just eat in California. It was an amazing trip and while I was there I discovered the importance of living every moment you have to its fullest.

I think that we all get in this rut in school where when our schoolwork is top priority and nothing else matters but what I learned from this trip is that it is equally important to take care of yourself.

You can wall  yourself up in the library and study all day on all of your classes and ignore the texts from your friends or miss a few events going on at school but I would highly recommend to really think about taking the opportunity to live. 

At USU, I have taken a lot of opportunities to live. I won't list them all on here but on Monday, somehow it all came together on a little piece of paper I received from the Student Body President of USU.

On Monday, I was selected to be one of the recipients of the President's Award. For awhile I was wondering if I was living a little too much or in other words, I was trying to find the point of being involved but when I got that award, all of the hard work, the sacrifice of sleep to be a volunteer for Mardi Gras, the tweeting for USUSA elections, the new job, all of it came together on that one certificate and it told me that I was doing a good job.

My point is there are going to be times when school is the top priority and if not school then it is going to making a lot of money at work or something else but whenever you have a break, even if it only for five minutes, I want you to live. 

Life is too short. Go out there and be amazing. 

I'll see you all later.

Make good choices.

Chris G.

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