November 20, 2014 to serve and protect...but mainly...SERVE

These ambassadors aren't just equipped to give tours, they are also big believers in a little something called "SERVICE". Recently, a great member of the Utah State family (Hailey Evans) was in a car accident, and was immediately life flighted to a Provo hospital. She is still recovering, but remains in critical condition. Upon hearing the news, the ambassador program took on the mission to raise money for Hailey, by going door to door asking for donations, performing service, and shouting carols to a number of local neighborhoods. We love you Hailey, and the entire ambassador program is praying for you. Come back to us soon! Here are just a few images of the glorious night of service that took place just days ago:
Ready to hit the doors
Caroling for Hailey
(Hailey Evans) Keep her in your prayers. If anyone would like to help/give please contact Samantha Burrows at:

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