October 21, 2014

This IS Halloween!


This is absolutely one of my most favorite times of the year! There is just something about all the leaves changing color and the fact that I get tons of candy and I get to dress up! There are so  many wonderful things about fall that I just can't seem to get enough!

This past week has been a true joy and I cannot wait for more to come!

Ambassador Halloween Party
This year, the Transfer Ambassadors were in charge again for the annual Halloween Party. This years theme was Ghost Town! Lots of people dressed up in their fabulous cowboy outfits, and some (Leland) graced us with their glorious presence of being a horse. Top notch I tell you, TOP NOTCH. These guys are so great and put on an amazing party filled with snacks, games, and an improv show. I am so lucky to work with such incredible people who work so hard and help each other to make Ambassadors GREAT!
[We had a pumpkin carving contest (in ten minutes we say) and pulled out a freaken awesome hamburger pumpkin in 6 minutes. Now that is teamwork. Not to mention, in the bottom corner, how seriously fantastic that looks? We know. Now you want to make your own hamburger pumpkin!

Transfer Ambassador Greatness!! (Melissa, Camrie, Ale, Stefan, Jessie, Ana, Mason, Leland, Myself, JR, Tanner, & Sub-Transfer- My husband Trevor and our awesome pumpkin!)

Date Night
After the wonderful Ambassador Halloween Party (see below), my husband and I decided that it would be the perfect time to decorate our own pumpkins (punkins) as part of the fall festivities. Of course, you can't decorate pumpkins without first getting them first. we got ours from macey's, but you can certainly find pumpkins all over the place.
Have I told you how much I love fall? Well...
If I haven't, this explains it all. I was so excited for PUMPKINS!
After I found my pumpkin,
(Over 30 pounds I might add!)
I was ready to get started!!

This year, my husband and I decided to do something a little different. Normally, back when I wasn't married, I would go home and carve pumpkins with my family. Obviously things change and I was excited for new traditions in my new household! Although I LOVE carving pumpkins, I wanted to paint mine this year instead of carve it.

There are several necessities before such a huge task can be taken on. I highly suggest the following:

1. <Candy Corn>.
Ah, the candy of the year. I don't know why, but I absolutely love this stuff. And let's be real here, it's not Halloween until you see these orangey, yellow goodness in the bags.

2. A hardcore <Candy Apple>.
If you prefer not to spend a ton of money to purchase such a treat, there are definitely a lot simpler ways to make caramel apples. This year, we got the store bought caramel that you just wrap around the apple. Then we added chocolate chips to add even more wonderful flavor. Get creative, that's what it's all about.

3. <MOVIE>
There is always a need for a Halloween movie. We went to the Library to try and watch Hocus Pocus (a Halloween CLASSIC) but unfortunately, the waiting list was like 17 people long. And sadly, we wanted to watch a Halloween movie- NOW. And well, you just can't go wrong with Harry Potter. {Magic} is definitely included in these fabulous films, and the 6th one seemed highly appropriate. (Also because we had been doing a marathon and were on the 6th one). Unfortunately, the quality of our TV is not sublime, but we do enjoy the fact of having one, so it will do for now:)               
If you choose not to watch a movie, I always highly suggest a list of music to play. If you have Spotify, know of it, or Pandora, then a Halloween playlist is where it is at! My favorite songs are always: 
1. Thriller by Michael Jackson (I mean COME ON!)
2. The Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett
3. Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.
4. The Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley 
5. This is Halloween by Disney (Nightmare Before Christmas) 
Once you are all settled in, well, then it is time for some awesome pumpkin happenings! I definitely was quite content with my candy and Harry Potter watching.
The concept was quite simple, but hey, I had fun with it! And now, both mine and my husbands pumpkins reside outside our humble abode!

The AFTER!!!

I know it may not seem like much, but I loved how my pumpkin turned out! Ha totally brings out my true Disney spirit!

Regardless of how you create your pumpkin, and share your Halloween spirit, I hope that everyone has a wicked time!!


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