October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Walk

It was time.
Time for North Logan's Annual PUMPKIN WALK!
I was so excited to go again this year. Last year, I went and had a blast! I could not believe that people were actually making scenes out of pumpkins! This year, was even better. I was once again, completely blown away at all the wonderful pumpkins scenes. I about died when I saw everything Disney. This is honestly one of my new favorite things to do around Halloween time and it is honestly the best ever.
The Pumpkin Walk is a very family friendly environment, obviously, which makes this a great place during the time of Halloween and October festivities to just have a great time with your family. They have organizations, schools, and people from all over Cache Valley create a little scene, whatever they want it to be, and make that scene using pumpkins as their people. I just can't help but share tons of pictures to show just how cool it was!
The entrance to the Pumpkin Walk.

A very Hungry Caterpillar, I mean Butterfly!
Who knew that Morgan Freeman was a pumpkin?!?

Do you want to build a Snowman??
Olaf likes warm hugs. And so do we!
Cutest pumpkin, ever!
We love Mickey and Minnie!

Enough for me to take a Selfie!

I'm your Vitameatavegamin girl! This pumpkin was absolutely FANTASTIC! And yes, I LOVE LUCY!

Don't worry Snow White, your Prince has come! Ha

Now that, is an awesome pumpkin.


Remembering Robin Williams. One of my favorite pieces of the night.
 We just had so much fun going through and seeing all of the cute pumpkins and just enjoying every last moment. This is just a great fall activity, free I might add, that everyone always enjoys. They only do it a few days in October, and although it can be busy at times, it is still wonderful seeing all of the awesome pumpkins on display!

Oh, you know, just fawning over Captain America. No Big Deal.


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