October 6, 2014



This has got to be my favorite week of the entire year. The traditions aspect of USU is definitely something that I adore about this school. I love the high energy and school spirit that exudes all around campus as everyone participates in homecoming week and celebrate being an Aggie! 

The first event on this week's homecoming schedule was the Mr. USU pageant! Male representatives from the universities colleges and organizations compete for the title of Mr. USU for the school year. The pageant consisted of an opening sequence, introductions, the talent portion and evening wear/question and answer portion. Take a look at these pics and quick vid on my Snapchat story from the show:


You may have noticed that my fellow Blue Crew member, Brandon Woodward, is in some of these pictures and videos. He did an absolute amazing job in this pageant as did the rest of the contestants for Mr. USU. ALSO, a shout out to our fellow USU Ambassadors Miles Brooks and Luis Armenta for reppin it out there as well!! You all did werk! The night was filled with laughs, great entertainment and discovering some talents that you didn't know your friends had. Like...really, Brandon? Who knew you could sing like that?! Stunning looks, a charming personality AND the voice of angel...I think you've instantly won the heart of every girl on campus tonight :) Kudos to all the Mr. USU contestants and thank you all for an entertaining and enjoyable night! Stay tuned, folks, for more posts on homecoming week and #AGGIELIFE. Peace!

Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie!

(P.S. follow my personal Snapchat account for live feeds of this week's homecoming activities!: juliafieeiki)

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