October 22, 2014

Ditching the Dorms & Moving to the Canyon

"What did you do for Fall Break?!"
Well, when you have no car and your family lives 6 1/2 hours away, then you are basically stuck at college. Forever. It's a good thing I live in this magical place.  
I was so lucky to spend my break with the best people. S/O to Ryan Taylor for being so freaking talented and taking some AMAZING photos of our adventure!! Everyone should follow him on insta and like all his pics because they are that good.

*Not pictured: the giant prickly stickers covering my entire back. *

Ah young love...haha
If nothing else, move to Logan for this canyon.
WOWOWOWWOWOW I have found a total babe in the mountains. Braxton is looking fierce!
You can't tell, but this water was easily -2349082348203 degrees. My feet were numb the whole time, but freezing water aint got nothing on us!

Kimber the woodland elf in her natural habitat.
OK can we just take a moment and appreciate how BEAUTIFUL and HAPPY my roommate is?! Dang Kimber Young! You little artsy hottie!
I have found my happy place, and I never want to leave.
Braxton is one of thee most rad guys I know! He genuinely cares about everyone and is an awesome photographer and friend! Plus, he has a giant blow up pool with cup-holders in his dorm, so if that doesn't scream, "I am so cool!" then I don't know what does.

Meet the wild BFK (AKA Brenna from Kansas). Brenna is the dankest roommate ever! She is the most talented person on this entire planet, she's super smart, hilarious, and has the voice of a goddess!
 Put down that terrible Econ homework and run to the woods!
Sometimes you need to relax. You deserve a break.

If you notice that I have been missing, or I'm not in class, you know where to find me.

 FOR SALE: DAVIS HALL CONTRACT. Peace out dorm life I'm moving to a cave in this canyon!

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