October 7, 2014

The Mr. USU Experience

I never thought myself to be much of a pageant goer, let alone a pageant participant. I've had the chance to be involved in some pretty incredible things as an Aggie, but last night I may have reached an all time high. Over the past few weeks I've had the chance to work with these fine gentleman as a part of the legendary Mr. USU Pageant. An individual is selected to represent each college and larger organization on campus, and those chosen few are asked to show their stuff and (when needed) SHAKE their stuff in honor of the group they represent. Who would have known that so much talent, grace, charm, and rugged good looks could come from an 11-man team. Well, now Utah State knows. I love every single one of these guys, and learned so much from them: How to look good in a loin cloth, how to celebrate the Lion King and Katy Perry in one big festive dance, and how to build each other up despite our nerves and fears of the big stage. You guys will always be my brothers. Thanks for adding another chapter to my book: "Why Utah State is the Greatest Place on Earth". You 10 noblemen are living proof of this university's splendor and legend. Love you guys...and thank you.

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