October 18, 2014

Happy October

 Homecoming week was so sick! On Tuesday we got to paint Aggie Boulevard! These guys did so good! So many talented people!
 Fun Fact: I LOVE PAINTING! It's one of my favorite things ever!  Art is one of my passions. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time for it right now, so any opportunity I get to paint makes me so stoked! In a perfect world art supplies would not cost more than my college tuition, and completing one painting would not take an entire semester. So that is on the back burner as of right now, but maybe sometime soon I can paint something and show you guys! 

 "When Bae asks if you want to be a True Aggie."
You guys have no idea the endless amounts of captions I thought of for this picture. It's just too perfect. 

 Logan has some sick things to do for Halloween. I would reccommend going to 10th Street Scarehouse. It is the bomb. To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be that great, but it surpassed my expecatitions by far! It's a perfect thing to do with your friends or for date night!
 *Cue Nacho Libre Voice* 
Sometimes we like to dress up classy, dance on roofs, and pretend like we are in Phantom of the Opera. It's for fun. 
The masquerade dance was so epic! The DJ did an awesome job, and the live band just added to the overall elegance of the night! These kids have some sweet dance moves. I bet you are jealous that you didn't get to spend your night with them. I would be if I were you. 

 Remember how I told you I like to paint? Well here is proof of that. I went a little crazy with my makeup for the masquerade dance. Go big or go home right?!

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