November 2, 2014

Haunting Happenings

The Howl

I didn't get the whole life guard memo... oops. My friends are babes and I kinda love them a whole lot! 
Look who I found at the Howl.. Picture stolen from @Sawyerhemsley.
Seth's dance moves at the Mike Posner concert were off the charts! So glad we got to go to the Howl with him;there was never a dull moment. EVER.
Wish that I could be like the cool kids... 

My howl clique. The dopest boy scout, UPS man, lifeguard, and nerd that there ever was.

Ambassador Halloween Party

The ambassador Halloween party was a freakin' blast! Props to Kimber for her legit face painting skills!

Black Lipstick makes me feel like a whole new person, and I'm not sure what I think about it. #goinggoth
 Look guys it's your favorite famous USU blogger and twitter legend @blakchrist415. Follow him on twitter, give him a S/0, like all his instas!
 K ready GO!

Chris killin it with his mad pumpkin carving skills!
Packages from home might possibly be the best things ever. Especially when it's a Halloween Party in a box! My mother is the cutest. 
Wow thanks Mom. You know me so well.

Halloween Throwback....

Even though I have had so much fun this Halloween season, I don't think anything can ever compare to being little on Halloween. Confession: I didn't even carve a pumpkin this year.. ahh 

 Haunted Houses and Corn-mazes

There were tons of rad things to do this Halloween season in Logan. I was a regular at the Scarehouse and made lot's of new freaky friends like giant babies and sick clowns. I also went on a group date to Little Bare Bottoms corn-maze, and let me tell ya that was quite the adventure! So here is the novel.

  Corn-maze Adventure Part I:

It's normal for people to get lost in corn-mazes right?! Ya, perfectly normal. Except when you've been walking in circles for hours and are not even close to the exit, and then to top it off THE CORN-MAZE CLOSES WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN IT!!!!! You would think they would send a search and rescue crew or something! At least some hot cocoa and blankets dropped from the sky would have been nice!  Like what if some poor innocent little child was lost in the corn crying all night?! Or a group of helplessly lost college kids..
 Attention corn maze employees: It's not cool to turn all the lights off and leave stragglers in the corn-maze! NOT COOL! 
So ya... we reached the level of pro cornmaze-runners fo sho!
Did I mention we were thee ONLY ONES left in the maze?! Yep.

 We win.

  Corn-mazeAdventure Part II:

After contemplating building a shelter of corn and camping out, we finally decided we would have to cut through the corn. I know, I know that's cheating, but these were desperate times. So we cut through the corn and ended up on the opposite side of the maze on this creepy dirt road. It was pitch black and we could not find the entrance or the parking lot. 
So we walked along the highway for miles at midnight laughing as we looked for the truck, and cars stared at us like we were freaks!
 Plot Twist:We walked the wrong way!! 
 After turning around and making another journey we finally found the parking lot! 
Wow. We thought we got super lost in the maze, but this took things to a whole new level! 
Even though all of the little kids made it out hours before us, it was almost midnight, freezing cold,  and Siri couldn't even help us, I had SO MUCH FUN!!!  You know those nights where things are so crazy that it makes it even better?! This was one of them.
I was with some of the coolest people, and we had an awesome time!  
Kissin creepers. His face says it all. Obviously he liked it a ton...



"Bros, Brothers, Brethren?"

Halloween night we got this random urge to dress up like dudes and go to some dances.
 It was da bomb.I would definitely recommend it.
Ok all time favorite memory of Halloween night, here goes... 
*Dressed like boys*
*Group of girls in matching Halloween costumes walk by us, and think we are checking them out*
Girls :"'Oh! Let's have those boys take a picture of us!!"
Us *dying*

The boys are back yo! Go aggies!

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