November 20, 2014

Can I Play Christmas Music Now? Part 1

The snow glows white in LOGAN TONIGHT!

That's right people, the snow has fallen here at USU and I could not be more excited. Yeah I know, with snow comes cold but I am here to tell you that you can set your minds at ease because you don't have to freeze out there when you are walking to class or all of the events USU because I have done a few things this week and not even a small amount of frost bite has touched me yet.

Snowy at SigEp

On Tuesday, I was honored become a big brother again for two new members of my fraternity. All 14 new members of our fraternity went through what we call it the "Burning Heart Ritual". I won't go into all of the details but at the end of the ritual, the new members climbed into this big cave in Green Canyon and all of the big brothers were there waiting to greet their new little bro's. There was a lot of hugging and screaming (coming mostly from me) and now I have three amazing little brothers in my fraternity that I get to be a big brother to.

You  may think I was cold but I had Jordan (Left) and Angel (Right) to keep me covered. 

Arctic Tundra with Ambassadors

Before I got to become a big bro, the ambassadors went out and did service with a frosty smile! 

Bree, Ryan and I getting a selfie during the service project.

Looking Hot in the Cold

I know all of you went out and donned on your favorite pair of winter boots when it began to snow! I for sure did and I know some of my friends did too so I decided to have a little fashion shoot with them!

Alex Geddes

Landon and Taylor



I think that way too many people think that Logan is the worst city to be in during the winter but to be honest, this is place isn't as bad as people make it. I remember visiting my high school for the first time as an ambassador and every high school student asked me, "I heard it is so cold up there," and I every time I would say, "Well yeah, I mean it is winter."

There will be more of my adventures in this winter wonderland later but for now, stay warm and I will see you all soon!

Make good choices!

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