November 20, 2014

#AmbassadorLife: Reporting for Duty!

What's goin on ladies and gents?! 

Have I ever told you all how much I LOVE being a USU Ambassador? Well...I flippin love it. It's pretty much the best job ever! Some of you may be asking yourselves "What in the heck is an Ambassador?" Let me do you the favor of giving you my own personal, (and perhaps simplified) definition: 

A USU Ambassador is a student representative who performs a variety of tasks in order to promote the university to prospective students.

One of our duties as an Ambassador is to participate in open houses. The open house is basically bringing Utah State to different places so that prospective students and their families are able catch a glimpse of everything that USU has to offer; the different colleges, student life, housing, scholarships and the best part...FREE AGGIE ICE CREAM! Sounds like a good time, right?! Check out the video below of the open house at the Salt Lake City Expo Center. (Shoutout to Abby Sugi for her outstanding dance performance at the end of the video!)

 In addition to that we also do recruitment visits to various high schools throughout Utah and Idaho. In fact, my favorite little cousin/fellow Ambassador 'Anapesi and myself went to Highland High school this week (GO RAMS!!!) to continue our recruitment quest! We chatted with a bunch of different students, answered their questions about college all the while making personal connections with each oher. These visits are so much fun for me because I enjoy the interaction I get with the students. I just love that I get to chat with them and establish that ground that they can hopefully feel comfortable enough to ask any question they have about USU or college life in general..and I just love sharing my experiences as Aggie most of all!

 Solid day's work!

Let's just say the cute gene runs in our family ;)

Apart from our recruitment and university promotion duties we also have weekly meetings to prepare and organize our Ambassador events. Sometimes we even hold other activities in place of the meeting time just to have a little fun. For example we've managed to have an Ambassador Halloween party as well as a Turkey Bowl Tournament this semester. It's always a good time when you catch a bit of a break from all the work to just have fun with the people you work with! This week we had the opportunity to  perform some service for our fellow community members in Logan. We specifically split into smaller groups and dispersed ourselves around town in order to bring little acts of service to all. My group came across a home in which needed the ice on their driveway to be chipped off. Even though it was freezing cold my group and I had a blast working together which also made the experience so great!


My experiences as an Ambassador thus far have been meant more to me than anything. It's not everyday that you have an opportunity to do what you love and love what you do. I love Utah State and I love being an Aggie. As an Ambassador I want to exude that Aggie pride and spirit to others. I fell in love with every aspect of this school and all I want is for others to fall in love with USU the same way I did. AGGIES ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!

I hope you all enjoy the video, photographs and hopefully the text as well...ha. 
Until next time my friends! Peace!

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