November 5, 2014

its on US & beards for Loretta

Hey guys!

I really want to tell you guys about some great things that are going on up at Utah State!
First of all, our wonderful Student Body President, Douglas Fiefia came and talked with us today about IT'S ON US. This is a program that they really want Utah State to get involved with.
Its On Us is a way to help stop sexual assault. This is no simple matter and we all know how scary this can be.
We can make a difference and it starts now.
95% of people who are sexually assaulted do not report that it happened. And 8 out of 10 cases of assault come from someone the victim knows. These are only a few statistics that tell us about sexual assault. We all know and love Logan and the fact that this really is a safe place to be. But that doesn't excuse that things don't happen. We want everyone to stay safe and to know that together as AGGIES, we can do what we need to start helping to prevent sexual assault. Personally, I have never had to deal with a friend or loved one being sexually assaulted. As far as I am aware of. This is something that scares me because I never ever could imagine what someone has to go through when dealing with being sexually assaulted. Yes, that might make me more sheltered than the next person, but that doesn't mean that I don't care about what happens to those around me. If by me taking one step at a time to stand up and help in any way that I can, this is something that I am going to help fight for.

You can take the pledge online at the pledge is simple; all you have to do is go to the website and take the pledge. No fees or any hidden agendas. This is simply just a way for everyone to take a stand and help to stop sexual assault.
Take the pledge. Take it upon yourself to help stop sexual assault. 

So I have to talk about this amazing fundraiser that is taking place during November! Fellow Aggies started this fundraiser and every year, for the past few years, they choose someone to help someone who is fighting cancer. This year, Loretta Gomes Mitzel has been chosen; she is fighting stage four neuroendocrine cancer. She is a loving mother of fellow Aggies and we are so happy to be along side the fight with her. I barely even know her, but seeing all of the posts on the Facebook page and learning more about who Loretta is, she is definitely not one to give up and I for on am happy to help be a part of such an amazing fundraiser to help her through this fight. 
During no shave November, everyone, guys and girls, grow out their beard or leg hair, toward a final night where they show off their beards and earn money. There will be events throughout the month of November to help raise money. The first one is listed below.
Go into Chick-fil-A, say your with beards for Loretta and 20% of your purchase will go straight to supporting Loretta and her fight against her cancer. 
November 5th, 5-9 p.m: Chick-fil-A be there or be spongebob.

Facebook page: Love for Loretta
Instagram: @beardsforloretta

#cancerpickedthewrongmom is their awesome hashtag!

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