March 30, 2015


Hey guys!!

So, I know we have been back from spring break for almost two weeks now, which is really a sad sad thing. And, I know it is sad that I am just posting about it now, but I also have to say a little bit more on the upcoming end of our spring semester here at USU. There have been so many things that have been going on and happening over this whole year, and I am just so excited that new things are going to be coming our way!

First of all. Let's go back those two weeks and cover what all happened during that wonderful spring break. One thing you should know, is I have only ever gone anywhere on spring break once before. Usually, I just like going home to visit my family because my other siblings never had spring break the same time I did. Plus, I was not as cool as I was back then.... Anyway.

This year, my friends and I made our way down to St. George to go hike in Zions & take a day to visit good ole Las Vegas. I also have only been to Zions once, so this also was kind of a first for me, yet oddly enough I have been to Las Vegas on many different accounts. So, come Sunday, we packed up the truck, piled 6 of us all inside, made sure there were plenty of treats we could snack on, and we made our way down for the next 6ish hours. That night we just hung out and slept as much as we could. Let's be honest though, I slept any time we were in a car.

End Day One.

On Monday, we went down to Vegas. (2 more hours in the car, NOOOOOO). We met up with some other friends and we spent the day at the outlets, shopping more than we probably should have, visited the  strip, walked around pretty much everywhere, and ended our night eating at an all you can eat buffet. Sounds about right for Vegas.

End Day Two.

Tuesday consisted of lots of snacks and hiking. We got up, well, some easier than others, had breakfast and then made our way out to Zions. We had decided that we were going to hike Angels Landing. [let's be honest though, everyone and their dog decided to go hike Angels Landing today.] We basically saw at least 30.2 Aggies up on this hike. It was fun seeing all our fellow Aggies hiking such a dangerous trail; you could always tell because this was definitely the day everyone decided to wear a Utah State t-shirt, myself included. I had never hiked Angels Landing before, although hiking other trails at Zions, because the last time we tried it was closed due to weather conditions, which is very understandable considering the hike.
For those that have never been, the first part is not so bad, minus all the switch backs and the continuous climb upward, but it isn't until you are actually hiking the rock that leads you to the top that you realize what you have just gotten yourself into. The hike is so high up, and so narrow and steep, that they have inserted chains that you can grab onto so you do not slip and fall. As cool as we all wanted to be to be able to make it to the top on our own, I secretly think all of us were super happy to have the chain there. Luckily, we all made it to the top, and it was such an amazing view. Definitely worth all the work to get up there. Plus, once we finally made it down to a more stable ground, we ended up running the rest of the way, which was fabulous.
Well, let's just say, after that hike, we were all pretty beat and we just wanted to relax. So we grabbed some food, hit the pool, and played games for the rest of the night.

End Day Three.

Wednesday was our last day. [this is what happens when you get older, married, and have a job you need to pay all those terrible bills]. So, for our last day, since we were back in St. George, we decided to visit the St. George temple. We also had a fabulous lunch before we all split ways and made our way back to Logan. And what a long car ride it was. I mean for everyone else that stayed awake, everyone knows that I just slept the majority of the time. We made it back to Logan that night, and the next few days of spring break consisted of nothing but work work work work work work.

All in all, this was a fantastic spring break, and I definitely had a more enjoyable time. I'll still have one more year for spring break, 2016, so I have to make that one the best one ever! Disneyland anyone?

And for my final segment, thank you Jimmy, I just want to hurry and tell everyone that this last month of the spring semester is going to be dreadful. I know, I know, we are all looking for the the semester to finally be over so summer can come. For some reason, the spring semester always seems to have a harder time on us college students. We have already been burnt out from last semester, so coming into spring, and having to do the same thing we did last semester (i.e. tests, studying, paper writing) we are pretty much done when the spring semester begins. Not to mention by the time we reach this last month, we are all dying to get out of here! Especially those that really do get to graduate! [unfortunately, another year and a half for me] However, I just have a few things to say as we finish out the rest of this semester.

  1. Make sure you spend the time that you need to get everything done. This is going to be hard, (darn you Netflix), but if you truly want to get those grades that you know you want, you are going to have to push yourself now more than ever. 
  2. Start getting a good night sleep, if you don't already. Now, I am not saying that you need to spend 12 hours sleeping, you know what you need to do in order to function. Be wise with your decisions and know your limits. 
  3. Eat. I know this can be hard because you are all saying, "BUT. Nothing I get is healthy." This is true for 95% of college students. Try your best, still fill your stomach the best that you can, and do what you need to in order to feel ready to take on the day. We all know that food can help you. 
  4. Ask for help. There is nothing wrong with asking someone else for help on anything you are struggling with. We all need a little help here and there. Myself ALWAYS included. 
  5. Never fear the chocolate. Or treats. Or the burgers for that matter. Whatever helps you make it through, without going over board, go for it!
Good luck to everyone! 

I hope this spring is the best one yet!


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