March 4, 2015

Movie. Muffins. On a Thursday.

There are so many traditions that are up here at Utah State. Anything from kissing on the A, the hello walk, welcome week, and so many others. 
ONE of the many things that I have grown to love is finding my own traditions up here. Which, this tradition you can do anywhere, but it means something because we have only ever done it here. 

One night, a couple of months ago, my husband, with our friends, decided to watch a movie. Which is obviously something most people do on a daily basis, (thank you Netflix) but this time instead of pop and popcorn we decided that we were going to make muffins. For no reason, just to have for a snack. Well.. This started a new tradition for us. We decided that we would have a weekly movie and muffin night and create a fun little get together. When we tell people what we are doing, we always have people asking us, why Thursday? Yes, why Thursday!? The first time we had our little movie and muffin adventure, it was on a Thursday. We could not very well move it to a Monday, I mean who would do that? 
Movie and Muffins Monday? 
Movie and Muffins Thursday. 
That's just how it worked out. And now, every Thursday we get together, watch any movie that we are feeling, whether that be a good old Disney movie or a high action pack movie. BUT there always must be muffins. 
And come on, there are so  many flavors of muffins, you cannot go wrong! 
It's been fun being on Blue Crew and finding fun little things that just make being an Aggie fun. I know that this is not the biggest thing that I could have done, but it means something to us because we spend time with great friends and it HAS become a great tradition that we look forward to every week.

Cade & Emily sure do love those muffins!

Plus. This past week, we added these fabulous drinks. Think like Harry Potter. Straight butterscotch bubbling down your throat. Oh yeah.
Bubbling Cauldron of Goodness

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