February 5, 2015

Got a New Job so I Went to California

Alright, it isn't as bad as it seems.

For the past semester, I have been working as an attendee for USU Campus Recreation. It was amazing opportunity and I learned a lot from working there.

The PR and Marketing director, Cory Checketts, got a new marketing job in Georgia so that opened up the position and I was just crazy enough to apply for it.

The interview? Great but I was so nervous..

The waiting time? Short but even that much anticipation almost killed me! Cory called me and offered me the position and told me that I would jump right into it on Monday!

In celebration of the new job, my fraternity brothers and I took a trip to Orange County, California! It just so happened that while we were there, Sigma Phi Epsilon, our fraternity, was holding a leadership conference in the same hotel we were at and so we decided to drop in and learn from the pro's!

The Carlson Leadership Academy

is put on by SigEp headquarters every year in different parts of the U.S. so all of the SigEp chapters can attend and learn how to be a better leader in the fraternity and in the community!

I was in the recruitment track of the conference where I learned a lot about how to be a better recruiter for SigEp. That being said, a lot of what I learned transfers over to being a better recruiter as an ambassador as well so I took a lot from my teachers and the group I was apart of!

You wanna know how I know that Carlson really worked? Because I was so excited to get back to USU and be a better leader!

I know this doesn't really connect to USU very much but this trip was one of the many examples of leadership opportunities organizations wiithin USU have to offer!

At the conference, we spoke a lot about Greeks on college campuses and how people assume that anyone with some funny letters on their clothes is the worst kind of college student. I can't speak for all Greek campuses but here at USU, the SigEp and the rest of the Greek organizations here on campus are respectable, service-oriented, awesome, fun, cool, charming, beautiful, and smart group of people I have ever met.

Huntington Beach Pier

My brothers and I! (Dallon, Tylar, and my little Angel)

My amazing big brother and youngest alumni at the conference. It was awesome spending time and learning from him. 

This conference was just what I needed to start this new semester. It also helped that I was able to get away from the Logan cold and head to California for the weekend!

A lot of exciting things happening this semester at USU! Blogs and videos galore!

Have a great week!

Make good choices!

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