February 11, 2015

And We Let It Burn.

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Many people make their way up into Logan canyon, sometimes on a daily basis, but last night, last night was different. 

I have gone into the canyon to go on hikes, roast marshmallows, and even camp out. So why would last night be any better? I mean we had a fire, that is definitely the most uncommon thing that you can do when you go into the canyon. But we had a mission last night, one that would change history. 

Okay. Not really. We did not change history, we just happened to erase some of it. By burning it. 

Late Monday night, I got a call from my friend Emily, and she wanted to let us know, the hubby and I, that the next night they were planning on going up into the canyon and we were to bring anything we wanted to burn. I immediately said yes; I apparently really wanted to burn stuff. 

So. Tuesday night. 8:30 rolls around and we were packing up the trunk full of firewood, tons and tons of paper, t-shirts, snacks and anything else we could think of and headed up Logan canyon. 

And in 10 minutes, we were there. (Besides the awesome fact that we were burning things, the fact of how awesome it is that it took only ten minutes to get to a spot must also be mentioned)

CAUTION: If you get carsick easily, make sure that you either sit up front or in the back middle seat. That there is a windy road, my friend. I also apologize in advance for my camera and the lack of taking fabulous pictures in the dark. You'll get the idea any way. 

We unpacked our stash and got the fire going. 

And in went the paper, the shirts, the many various objects that can only be discussed on a more personal level. (Did I just make that awkward? My apologies) 

It's odd.. For some reason, burning all the stuff that you spent countless hours making (there was artwork, notes, essays, etc.) was really fun, and probably more enjoyable than it should have been, but sometimes, stuff like this, makes life exciting and fun. 

And. Why Not?!? (Take a second chance...Why not, do a crazy dance... -catch that song reference? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler...) Tangent. 

Plus. We told scary stories. Ha cheesy scary stories, but scary stories nonetheless. 

Now, if you guys have not put together by now that I am a huge sweet freak, well, now you know, but you will also know how much that I love to make things in a campfire. Especially s'mores. Tonight though, we actually did what most people might know as campfire banana boats. Or as we call them, Sweet Torpedoes. Either way, whatever you choose to call them, they are delicious. 

You will need:
tin foil.
chocolate chips.
and whatever else you would want to put in to make this decadent treat. 

Basically all you do, is take the banana, slice it down the middle, and then you stuff the mallows and the chocolate in the middle. When that's done, you wrap up the banana in tin foil, preferably not pushing the tin foil on top of the banana, and then sticking it straight into the fire. This is how a lot of people cook tin foil dinners. 

So, let's just say, tonight was a crazy success. We ended with tons of ashes, which is suppose to be the point, I guess? 
Either way it was a great night.
The canyon is full of so many adventures and right outside your front door. 

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