April 20, 2015

A-Week and Snow?

There were so many fun things going on during A-Week! I wasn't able to go to all of them, but there were definitely a few that made the week super fun. And who would have thought it would have snowed last week!?!

This is me. Wishing I was cool enough to really hang-loose. (Ignore the fact that I had also gone running. You know, just trying to be like the cool kids)

We missed being able to get the food earlier, but luckily, there's Mo' Betta's so we still had some delicious Hawaiian food. Not quite the excellence that I am sure was the meal being served, but it was the next best thing.

 Miss USU pageant!

I was so excited to go to the pageant this year! Especially since I did Miss USU last year. Did you guys know that? Surprise! Ha


BUT ha this is not just about me. I was so proud of all of the girls last night who did such a great job.
And congratulations to Miss Education who won last night!

And then boom. There was snow. WHAT?!? It's April!

But. I will be honest. I enjoyed it. Just a little bit. Old main definitely looked pretty in the snow though.

Until I had to scrape the snow off my car...

What did you guys do during A-Week??

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