February 18, 2015

Sometimes, you just need a picnic in the back of your car

Days off of school: This is when you realize that you really don't have a whole lot to do. You don't go to school. Your work schedule usually stays the same based on your school schedule. So your whole day is off. Most of the time. I will admit, I sit at home and watch Netflix. I am terrible. Especially with that bag of chips sitting in my hand.. But shhhh.. It only happens.. so often..But on the flip side. Sometimes, there are nights, that are nice enough to my husband and I, where we both get to have the night off and we can do things together. Although, the winter has not brought about a lot of snow, the canyon can still get pretty chilly, and with us  not really wanting to go sit in a park late at night with no lights, we decided it was about time for us to take our annual car/picnic trip up the canyon. We have not been able to do this for a while because we got rid of my husband's old car which would allow us to lay down the seats in the back. We finally got a new car, that we absolutely love, and we are able to take out with us.

So. As simple as it can get, we packed up every blanket and pillow that we own and laid them all out in the back. We needed food for the picnic, which we went to my favorite sandwich place, Jimmy John's and got drinks from the local gas station. And now, I really cannot have turkey sandwiches without potato chips. It sounds terrible, but I love the taste when the two are one. Haha wow.


We had charged our computer and picked out a movie to watch. WRECK-IT-RALPH. And headed up the canyon. Once we found a place to park, we set everything up, started the movie, ate our delicious sandwiches, and just enjoyed a nice evening that really did not take that much time to put together. Simple. Easy. Fun. Relaxing. Logan, UT.

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