January 31, 2015


Tuesday in Logan means...  80's SKATE NIGHT!!! Let me just say the fun house was poppin' this week! It was freakin rad! I LOVE COLLEGE!  
*Cue dramatic 80's jam* 
"Forever Young, I want to be Forever Young.
Do you really want to live forever?! FOREVER AND EVVVEEERRRR!!!!!"
K. I'm done. 

The original sk8 gang ladies and gentleman.

Drum roll please....

S/O  to my homies:

Best Dressed:

 Miles Brooks rockin the gold jumpsuit

Most likely to get Dress Coded: 


Most likely to be a pro sk8er on the side: 

Three way tie: Sawyer, Thomas, & Jentz.. killin it with the dance moves boys

Most likely to ask to get kicked out just to look cool:

 Trevor Beazer

Most likely to drop out of college & become  skating bums:

                                    Clint & Co.                                                  

Most likely to get injured while standing against the wall: 

Me. I'm bursting with talent. *whoa livin' on a prayer..*

Most likely to be the one that starts the train:  Avree Frost

Most likely to be the one that crashes the train: 

Avree Frost..it's ok I love you..

Most improved: 

Erica Johnson joking... Ricky was already amazing, but now with that one foot spin shes on FIRE.

Most Entertaining/ Cache Valley Fun Park Clown: 

Tanner Boden

Feel Free to stop by and pickup your award anytime. I love you all. 

"Oh Avree you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey Avree! Hey Avree!" 


My out of control, mess of curly hair has never felt more accepted than at 80s night. On the real 80s night is pretty much my element..the dressing up crazy & listening to sick music part, the actual skating aspect not so much.. Guys some day I will get the hang of it. This was only my second time skating, but I plan on being a regular at sk80s from now on! 

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