January 27, 2015


Meet the GALLIVAN GANG aka Cole & Co.  

This weekend we took a last minute drive down to the city to ice skate with our favorite crew. The Gallivan center is freakin sick, and the best part is that Christmas was already over. AKA: all the cliche, cut,e Christmas loving couples had diminished. We basically got the rink to ourselves, until some super hardcore iceskating bros showed up. They were doing leaps and holding each other in the air, and going crazy! No worries my girl Erica showed them up with her mad skating skills. Erica is good at EVERYTHING. No joke. I have yet been able to find something that she can't do. Boys get at her. 

We also hit up the this cute little hipster diner that was featured on Diners-Drive-Inns and Dives. So it's the real deal ladies and gentleman, and it was insanely delicious. GO THERE next time you are in SLC! 
Tip: don't go 10 minutes before closing with a group of 12... chances are you will receive more evil death glares in one night, than you wanted to in your whole life.

The Aftermath of a Night in the City:

The struggle is real when you are dead tired, and still have to go up four flights of stairs to get to your bed. Next best option: Sleep on the fireplace. 
#collegelyfe #sleepingincars #tootiredtofunction 
Update on last weekend: We went to the Crystal Hot Springs with the Nibley boys on Friday (so fun, I'm way sad I didn't snap any pics!) and then on Saturday we all hung out, and things got pretty wild racing down the stairs on Kody's rainbow zebra print fuzzy pillow AKA: Lafanda. 

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