January 25, 2015

Because You Know I'm All About That FOOD

Because I like food and you like food. 

That's all. 

When students come to Logan they are always asking where some of the best places to eat are. I am definitely one of those people who LOVE to eat and am always looking for good places to eat. When people come to campus, there are plenty of places to eat that can help satisfy cravings whenever you need a bit to eat. Plus, you can use your meal plans at these places, if you have a meal plan, if you don't, well, lucky for you, you can still eat here. 

1. The Skyroom. Buffet style. Fancy. Super delicious. 
The Skyroom is located in the Taggart Student Center on the 3rd floor
2. Luke's Cafe on the Quad. Breakfast & Lunch preferences. Order to your liking. 
Luke's Cafe on the Quad is located on the bottom floor of the Agricultural Science Building
3. The Quick Stop. Like a gas station, but better.
The Quick Stop is located in the Taggart Student Center on the bottom floor
 4. Aggie Creamery. Aggie Ice Cream. Whichever, its the best ice cream out there. They also serve sandwiches and other delicious things, like cheese. 
Aggie Ice Cream is located in the Nutrition Building
 5. Emma's Nook. Like a lot of the other places, but they have the best pretzels. 
Emma's Nook is located in the Emma Eccles Jones Building
 6. The Hub. In the mood for a sandwich? Tacos? Burgers? You can have it all here. There are so many options. 
The Hub is located in the bottom of the Taggart Student Center

 7. The Marketplace. Buffet. Buffet. Buffet. There are so many options here and definitely is the best place to eat on campus.
Aggie Marketplace is located in the Taggart Student Center on the Second Floor
 8. Artist's block. Here to order, here to stay, delicious food all the way.
Artist's Block Cafe & Bakery is located in the Arts building on the bottom floor
 9. The Junction. They say it's the best kept secret on campus. Buffet style, super good.
The Junction is located out by the Resident Halls
 10. Quad Side Cafe. One of the best for soups, sandwiches, drinks, and top notch for a study break.
Quad Side Cafe is located in the library on the bottom floor

As the campus contains very delicious places to eat, there are many other options all around the Logan. Like most cities, there are always places that people rave about and that they love to eat at. Well, I am no exception! I always love to find new places to eat. Here is a list of a lot of the different places in Logan, most are places that you can't find anywhere else, and some that you might have seen before. 
* are the ones I like the most
1. Logan's Heroes*
2. Crumbs Brothers Artisan Bakery & Cafe
3. Herm's Inn*
4. El Toro Vejo
5. Angie's Restaurant
6. Johnny O's Spudnuts
7. The Crepery
8. Texas Roadhouse
9. Tandoori Oven
10. Elements Restaurant at the Riverwoods
11. Jack Woods Fire Oven
12. Sweetly Divine
13. Takara Sushi
14. Happy Sushi
15. Caffe Ibis
16. The Beehive Grill
17. Le Nonne
18. Bluebird Restaurant*
19. Great Harvest Bread Company
20. Indian Oven
21. Cafe Sabor*
22. Mo' Bettah Steaks*
23. Charlie Supreme Ice Cream
24. The Factory Pizzeria
25. Kneaders Bakery & Cafe
26. HuHot Mongolian Grill 
27. The Coppermill
28. Juniper
29. The Italian Place
30. Jamba Juice
31. Paco's Mexican Food
32. Apple Spice Cafe & Bakery
33. Kabuki Tepanyaki 
34. Firehouse Pizzeria
35. Black Pearl China Bistro & Sushi Bar
36. Gia's
37. Temptation Cupcake
38. Frederico's*
39. Buffalo Wild Wings
40. Mandarin Garden
41. Aggie Station
42. The Pita Pit
43. Center Street Grill*
44. The White Owl
45. Gaucho Grill
46. Shaffer House Bakeries*
47. Papa Kelsey's
48. El Sol Mexican Restaurant
49. Twizlberry
50. Formosa
51. Romo's Mediterranean Grill
52. The Bull's Head Pizzeria & Grille
53. Korean BBQ
54. Jitters 
55. Sushi Ya
56. Wok on Wheels*
57. Firehouse Subs
58. Royal Express
59. Fox's Pizza Den
60. Orange Leaf
61. Rice Garden
62. Mulligans
63. Sultan's Tavern
64. Longwing Barbecue
65. Stacked
66. Morty's Cafe
And then of course all the fast food restaurants and restaurants that you normally would find wherever you are from. There are so many delicious choices and so many that I still have not tried, but that are definitely on my to do list! 

All that's left to say is, DIG IN!

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