August 18, 2014

USU I'm Coming for You! / The Girls of 404!

Hey my lovely Aggies!! This week I made the long journey from scorching hot St. George all the way to the gorgeous land of Logan! I am so stoked to be living on campus in Davis Hall! I'm not going to lie though, move in day was kind of weird. OK, so really weird actually. I pulled an all nighter, and packed up all my stuff the night before, and then my family and I left at 5am! #Loganbound.The day then consisted of unpacking, Go-Proing, hugging, goodbyes, and numerous trips to Walmart at 2 AM. 
Ok, can I just take a second to explain to you how rad my parents are? They stayed up with me for two all nighters in a row, helping me organize my dorm. They didn't leave Davis Hall until 4:30 AM
 ( RA's please forgive me, I'm pretty sure we broke the quiet hours rule, oops..). Anyways, they left, and that's when it hit me. I wasn't expecting to cry at all, but I surprised myself. 

I'm pretty sure the tears came as a result of 48 hours of no sleep, a sting of guilt due to all the dorm stuff my parents just bought me, and the fact that it was 4:30 in the morning, my roommate was asleep, and I was alone. 
It was OK though. I think it's part of the whole freshman experience you know? I can honestly say that the only time I felt emotional was that hour before I crawled into bed, and finally got some sleep. 

I have not felt a single sense of home sickness since that day! That's what is so great about USU. WE are all one giant family. I know, I know, that sounds so ridiculously cheesy, but it's pure truth. Trust me. There is always an activity to attend, and new people to meet, so you never feel alone! Never. I  just keep telling my mom that I'm never coming home because I love it so much here! I seriously don't ever want to leave! USU I'm in love with you!!

Goodbye big bedroom, dorm life here I come!


So I kind of didn't fit in the car...

PART 2: The Girls of 404!

How did I get so lucky?!! I have the best roommates ever! My favorite part of having my own dorm, is definitely decorating! If you are ever really bored COME OVER! Be my friend! I love meeting new people and the girls of 404 would love to hang with you! 

-Love Kya

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