August 17, 2014

Hello my Lovely Aggies!!

Hi I'm Kya! My name is actually Micajah, but I bet you can't say that, and now it's awkward. Like is that Spanish or Biblical or jibberish? Nope. Ok, I'll help ya (Mi-kye-uh). 

Next time you see me on campus, or if you feel like creeping send a message, and ask me the story about my name. I will gladly share! Also, I really just enjoy getting to know new people, so say hi! 

College Tip #1: SAY HI TO EVERYONE! I don't care if they look mean, or boring, or out of your league. Even if you say hi and they don’t even respond, it will make you feel better! You will be amazed by the friendships you will make instantly! It works. Trust. Me.   

 Welcome to my blog! I'm just a Freshie ambassador at USU who is ready for some extremely rad adventures! One thing you should know about me is that I’m extremely indecisive, so I’m still deciding between a major in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing, or a major in Public Health. Two totally opposite categories I know! Art is one of my passions, but I find medical anatomy extremely fascinating! I’ll let you know when I figure out what I’m doing with my life! This year is going to be the most epic one so far, so follow me and all my friends' blogs! 

Paint brushes, Guitar chords, Mango smoothies, Running shoes, #ambassadorlovestories,
USU Blew Crew, Happy people, 3am adventures, Beautiful words, 
and Fancy designs.

And so it begins....

-Love Kya  

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