December 8, 2014

Crepes and Karaoke...easy on the Pepsi

We Aggies take pride in TWO things over the holiday season:
1. Filling our bellies with festive hors d'oervres
2. Spreading Christmas cheer....and anyone who's anyone has seen the movie Elf, and knows quite well how that's done.

My dear friend, Gavin Salisbury, hosted his 3rd ever Crepes and Karaoke event this weekend at what we call "The Stache"! I would give you all the details, but I have the sneaking suspicion that there's talk of a I suggest you attend it yourself. I will say this, however: Our crepes were filled with delicious condiments, our ears were filled with catchy sing-alongs, and our night was filled with holiday joy.....Just don't miss the next dig?
The Crowd watches as the Karaoke melts some faces

I record as Mason is serenaded by his hoard of young ladies

Ugly Sweaters and beautiful faces
That's how we do

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